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Need mold removal in West Lakeland, MN? We can help just call. Our company specializes in black mold remediation for our customers. If you have stucco mold mildew on your home have it checked for cracks and other damage by the experts. Sunset Construction Group will set a custom mold remediation plan for your home in West Lakeland, MN. HomeStuccoRepair.com is the company to call for black mold removal in West Lakeland MN. Don't trust the mold remediation methods you read on the internet call the local experts. A lot of old stucco in West Lakeland is being replaced as many homes have had water damage. Sunset Construction Group Inc provides mold removal to customers in West Lakeland Minnesota. At your home in West Lakeland if you don't have proper landscaping and drainage you might end up with water intrusion and problems in your basement.

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