Repair Options

“Rebuild and improve the wall design – then install stone and James Hardie or stone and stucco”

Retrofit Stucco Repair –
If the inspection or engineer report doesn’t justify a complete tear off and redo strategy, fixing only the damaged areas and improving the other areas that aren’t performing is a viable option. Retrofit Repair usually comes in at 25%-40% of the cost of a Complete Tear Off and Redo method. A third party warranty is available through www.moisturewarranty.com confirming the retrofit protocol is a quality solution.

Tear off and Redo –
Simply removing stucco and installing a different clad material is not the solution. Improvements to the wall design, materials and installation methods are necessary to ensure the moisture intrusion issue is resolved. We collaborate with the area’s finest inspectors and engineers in the mold and moisture intrusion industry to ensure we recommend and implement the latest techniques and methods.

Sunset Construction Group conducts both Retrofit Repair and Complete Tear-Off and Redo strategies

We are not biased to one method of repair over the other. We have seen our competition steer a home owner into a strategy that fits the contractor more than what the house actually required, resulting in a poor investment decision. Because we offer both strategies, we let the inspection report and wishes of the homeowner dictate which repair strategy is right for the property.

Secondly, the notion that removing stucco and replacing it with fiber cement siding will solve the problem is a false assumption. If all things are equal, moisture intrusion can occur behind fiber cement board, brick, stone and cedar siding homes just as it does behind stucco.

For that reason, Sunset CG strongly recommends you interview a repair contractor with experience in the moisture intrusion field before installing JamesHardie, stucco or other siding materials. Even with current codes, there are improvements that can be made to common installation methods to help ensure your home doesn’t have issues 5-15 years down the road.