Retrofit Stucco Repair

With generations of stucco experience, Sunset Construction Group has the knowledge and experience necessary to dig into the problem areas, make the necessary corrections and patch the areas back into the existing stucco. Not only does this maintain the structure, but often it improves curb appeal of the property.

We work closely with the area’s best inspectors and engineers to ensure we develop and implement the best solution for the project. Simply opening an area up, cleaning it out and putting it back together is not enough. The true source of the leak needs to be resolved, and while we are there, upgrading the design and performance of the area is crucial to ensure the issue does not repeat at a later date. This requires an in-depth understanding of the moisture intrusion issue and commitment to detail and craftsmanship.

Although Sunset CG already compiles a Master Repair Report as documentation to our findings and repairs, some of the inspectors and engineers are retained to oversee the repair contractor. For this reason, many of the local experts are already familiar with our repair protocol and it often becomes a collaborative effort.

In addition, at the time we became certified through Moisture Warranty Corp. (www.moisturewarranty.com) Sunset CG was the first and only certified repair contractor in the state of Minnesota. This protocol applies only to the Retrofit Stucco Strategy and includes a maintenance protocol for the areas of the house that did not have issues within the report. Generally, the Retrofit Stucco Repair option usually comes in at 20-40% of the cost of a Complete Tear-Off and Redo Option.

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