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Some EIFs have unique wall assembly product to be used to make sure the water and moisture barriers are correct. Some hard coat stucco systems are not as good as others, if you would like to discuss any stucco questions call us. Sunset Construction Group focuses on moisture intrusion homes repair in Washington County MN. There are many stucco types such as limestone and other minerals used in stucco. Do not go to the big box stores and buy stucco crack filler, as if you have water damage behind the wall you will make the problem worse. Reach out to the leader in repairing stucco cracks on exterior at 763.546.1100. Stucco issues or problems in Washington County, MN? Do you need a company for mold remediation? Our team is ready for the challenge. What causes stucco moisture problems? Well often it is poor installation of stucco. The new stucco designs and products are much better than the ones of the past. All EIFs paint is not that same before you start with a project call us for a consultation as we are the local stucco experts in Washington County.

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