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I know that mold remediation cost can be high but, the alternative is living in a home that is full of mold. Don't live in a stucco home with mold fungus, it could be a health hazard. Mold Inspection and Testing is the first step in seeing what damage has occurred to your home. Often times we have projects that have mold removal in the bathrooms as they were not properly built by your builder. Why is mold removal expensive? If you do it right the repairs might be significant. If you are experiencing stucco leaks near your windows call us to setup an meeting. We have a mold remediation process that is very effective. Cracks in the stucco trims and moldings is a problem as that is often the start of water damage to your home. Sometimes the use of a moisture intrusion infrared camera will get the readings on the moisture levels behind the walls and other areas of your home.

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