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Stucco Remediation quote for your home in Stillwater MN? Call the leader in the industry Sunset Construction Group Inc. You need to make sure the stucco flashing is installed otherwise water will run from the roof down the inside of the stucco. Not only stucco gets mold bricks also have the same opportunity for moisture intrusion. If the stucco drip edge has mold you most likely need repairs to your house. Sunset Construction can help answer your questions on moisture intrusion testing for your home in Stillwater, MN. Do you have moisture issues from ice dams or a wet basement call for a company that only focuses on water damage. Before you buy a new house think about having a mold testing done on the house. Looking at your house do you have mold on the stucco exterior? You should get is inspected. Leave the mold remediation to the experts, not all contractors are equipped or have the experience to fix your water damage.

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