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Sunset Construction Group can fix water intrusion issues at your home in St Michael, MN we also can get you a home inspection as well. Is it better to do old stucco repair or replace it? It depends on your home and your budget, we can give you all of the solutions that are available. For all the stucco cracks around your house in St Michael we can repair them for you. We are seeing more and more moisture intrusion issues with home in St Michael Minnesota, if you are concerned call today. Some stucco cracks on the exterior of your home are normal others are problems, we can tell you which ones you have on your home. What is EIFs back wrap? Backwrapping is a method of encapsulating the insulation board edge. Back wrapping simply means that the insulation board is wrapped in fabric reinforced base coat at edges at terminations and that the mesh extends behind the insulation board. Call our team at Sunset Construction Group for free moisture intrusion quotes for your stucco issues. Moisture intrusion through the exterior envelope especially stucco needs to be repaired. For all your synthetic stucco fixing needs call the best at Sunset Construction. Don't delay your synthetic stucco EIFs repairs it time will only make it more of a problem.

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