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Our team knows how to install and use the correct synthetic stucco application techniques to protect your home. Contractors must follow the EIFs assembly guidelines on the climate and procedures for installation. If you have a licensed contractor install your EIFs system with proper drainage the possibility is low for future water damage. We have done stucco work for customers in Shorewood, MN. Many companies have stucco repair techniques just ask their customers if they work or not, you will get the real story. If you have moisture intrusion in your basement, call the local experts that know how to get it fixed the right way anytime day or night. Sunset Construction Group has some of the best mold remediation professionals working for our company. The use of a stucco bonder is to attach the stucco to a base material. Noticing issues with your stucco at the soffit? Our guys will look at it for you to make sure there is no water damage. Need help with existing stucco designs for repair? Sunset Construction Group can help in all phases of stucco repair.

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