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There is a lot of information on James Hardie on the internet but, if you would like our opinion on the best stucco repair solution in Shakopee MN. Shakopee MN LP Smartside pricing quote, call the local guys at Sunset Construction Group Inc. Sunset CG is an honest, respected contractor in Shakopee, MN if you have questions on James Hardie exterior products give us a call. We have trained professional installers for James Hardie hardiplank for your home in Shakopee, MN. Why not James Hardie cement siding for your home in Shakopee MN? It has way more pros vs cons vs the competition. When installing James Hardie weatherboard it will reduce the chance of water damage in you home in Shakopee. Sunset CG is a leading and preferred James Hardie siding products company. Our James Hardie sales have increased over the past several years because, the solution for maintenance free siding with little drawbacks is hard to beat.

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