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Sunset Construction Group Inc is focused on EIFs stucco removal for customers, we have been providing this service for years. Sunset Construction Group can solve your moisture intrusion basement issues in Scandia Minnesota. If your gutter are failing you might run into moisture intrusion and groundwater issues as the water is not being diverted away from your home. There are things you need to know about installing EIFs on concrete block, please call and we can discuss. Looking for a Scandia, MN moisture intrusion expert? Send us an email or call for an appointment. The flashing including the stucco drip edge is something not to overlook to prevent future water damage. Our designer have great stucco trim ideas for your home call for an appointment. If you are noticing stucco expansion joint spacing issues with your home in Scandia MN talk to us about a meeting. Questions on moisture intrusion? We service homeowners in Scandia so call with any questions you have. If your stucco exterior wall is wet and the insulation is dry we can examine if the problem is water or something else.

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