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Moisture intrusion through the exterior envelope is a large problem with stucco, brick and other siding on homes. Are you frustrated and tied of your stucco problems why not call for stucco remediation in Saint Paul, MN, we can get you a good solution. If you have a contractor that uses inferior stucco building materials the chances of failure are high for water damage. Sunset Construction Group Inc is a contractor that is focused on stucco building construction repairs, replacement, mold, water damage and moisture intrusion. It is a good idea to make sure you synthetic stucco structure is solid and the installer did it correctly before you buy or sell a house. Untreated stucco failure points are only disaster or impending problem. When you apply EIFs waterproofing make sure the existing wall is moisture free and the windows and doors are installed correctly. When installing stucco expansion joints spacing is very important and should follow the designs and the manufacturer guidelines. Fix, repair, replace or tear off we can help with all of your EIFs stucco needs in Saint Paul MN. Have us come look at your house in Saint Paul if your new stucco has cracks we can figure out a game plan for your home.

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