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All of our customers will get a list of do and do not stucco care tips for their home. The new synthetic stucco products have some that look like a brick wall, if you want more details let us know. Do you need a local contractor to check out a stucco building you are thinking about purchasing in Saint Paul? Call Sunset Construction. If you have moisture intrusion repair needs in Saint Paul, Sunset Construction Group is ready to help. Sunset Construction Group can fix your moisture intrusion around your doors or windows in Saint Paul Minnesota. All cities have a building inspector and the manufactures have EIFs guidelines if those are followed it would have been saved millions of dollars in damage. Some contractors are pushing EIFs exterior insulation and finish systems, we don't push we give you the information you make the decision. Is new stucco cost more or less than James Hardie? HomeStuccoRepair.com will give you a quote for both. If you have moisture intrusion in your basement, call the local experts that know how to get it fixed the right way anytime day or night. Why not call HomeStuccoRepair.com for a moisture intrusion inspection of your stucco or EIFs.

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