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Sunset Construction Group is a local contractor that is focused on fixing moisture intrusion damage including mold remediation in Oak Grove. Should I install stucco or vinyl siding? Stucco will last longer and hold up better with the winters in MN. It is a very good idea to know if the contractor is using the right materials such as a new stucco primer. Is EIFs combustible there are many answers to this the easiest is yes and no if that makes sense. Sometimes a stucco bonding additive is added to the mix to give is a stronger hold depending on the project. Do you have structural moisture issues on your home in Oak Grove? Sunset Construction Group can fix it for you. Do you need a moisture intrusion testing done on your house call for an appointment. For all of your stucco window installation needs call Sunset Construction. Many builders were using synthetic stucco construction but, be careful for moisture damage and other concerns with stucco. There are ways to insure the synthetic stucco is waterproof but, also be aware that we need to make sure no moisture is behind the walls.

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