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Placing a synthetic stucco coating on your EIFs will make the stucco waterproof. If the stucco drip edge has mold you most likely need repairs to your house. We have invested in the proper mold inspection equipment and partners to build the best teams in Mounds View Minnesota for mold removal. We would have less mold remediation projects if regulations and inspectors would have checked for proper install and flashing. Do you have moisture intrusion near your windows of your home? We can inspect it to see if its manufacturers defects or improper installation. We can help analyze our mold inspection report for your home in Mounds View. We have a mold remediation process that is very effective. If you have cracks and mold on stucco we know how to remove it for you correctly Homeowners need to talk to their insurance agent to find out what the coverage for their policy is for mold remediation insurance.

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