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Proper materials and installation is the best solution for stucco mold prevention. Do you have moisture issues from ice dams or a wet basement call for a company that only focuses on water damage. If you are in need of stucco remediation in MN call the best at Sunset Construction Group Inc. Often times we have projects that have mold removal in the bathrooms as they were not properly built by your builder. Not all contractors specialize in mold damage restoration, but HomeStuccoRepair.com does and we care about your safety. The report from your synthetic stucco inspection will tell you all of the points of concern on your home. If you have moisture intrusion that is all the way into the insulation, you will need to have the insulation removed or the mold will form. If the stucco drip edge has mold you most likely need repairs to your house. Homeowners need to talk to their insurance agent to find out what the coverage for their policy is for mold remediation insurance.

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