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If you are installing LP Smartside you should be using their materials and building products for the job. We will give you a free EIFs quotes to fix your mold problems and get your home safe again. We give all of our customers stucco maintenance tips to keep the stucco in goo shape. The hard coat stucco construction has had a difficult time in the news but, if installed correctly and maintained you have nothing to be concerned about. Sunset CG uses James Hardie house wrap as it is the best product on the market at this time. The r value for EIFs is high which will help in the lowering of your utilities. Need a company for synthetic stucco installation in Minnetonka MN? Sunset Construction Group Inc is the one I would call. A water intrusion test will give you information on if the moisture is behind the wall and give you a reading on the levels of moisture. What is the typical mold remediation pricing? That is a very difficult question to answer, as there are many variables to consider. Who do you call for mold damage restoration in Minnetonka? Call the best at 763.546.1100. Sunset Construction Group Inc is the local contractor that can fix your stucco issues in Minnetonka Minnesota. Sunset Construction Group Inc knows how to properly install James Hardie trim for your home in Minnetonka, MN. Moisture Testing for your home in Minnetonka MN? Call the local experts that only focus on moisture repairs.

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