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We are trained to do it right especially synthetic stucco installation. For all the stucco cracks around your house in Minnetonka MN we can repair them for you. Is synthetic stucco cost less or more than traditional stucco usually less. What is EIFs back wrap? Backwrapping is a method of encapsulating the insulation board edge. Back wrapping simply means that the insulation board is wrapped in fabric reinforced base coat at edges at terminations and that the mesh extends behind the insulation board. Not all mold remediation companies have experience and knowledge ask for references. If you start to see mineral deposits outside stucco, the salts are coming to the surface and with evaporation the deposits will appear on the stucco. The EIFs weight is significantly less than typical stucco products. Why not contact us for your stucco repair solutions in Minnetonka. We consider our team to be moisture intrusion experts and we service the Minnetonka area. Do you have new stucco that needs repair? You should not have issues with new stucco but, we can help.

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