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If you know you moisture intrusion water damage, call a experienced contractor in Mayer that focuses on this market. We have trained installers that know the correct way to install LP Smartside. Having us look to see if the stucco window flashing was installed correctly will save you money in the future if water and mold become a problem. We have the tools that can measure stucco water damage, the indicator is very accurate. I need a company that I can trust that understands moisture intrusion and has the right infrared tools for measurement. If you have a licensed contractor install your EIFs system with proper drainage the possibility is low for future water damage. We have the mold removal experts with a ton of experience with all type of mold remediation. Sunset Construction Group is a leading and preferred James Hardie siding products company. Our James Hardie sales have increased over the past several years because, the solution for maintenance free siding with little drawbacks is hard to beat. I know that mold remediation cost can be high but, the alternative is living in a home that is full of mold. We follow the proper flashing techniques for installing EIFs trim details to your home in Mayer MN. Sunset CG is a contractor that is focused on stucco building construction repairs, replacement, mold, water damage and moisture intrusion. Is synthetic stucco cost less or more than traditional stucco usually less.

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