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One positive is EIFs r value is high which will help in your utility bills. We have fixed hail damaged stucco for customers for years, call for a price quote. Brick, stone and siding failures are also happening in homes in Long Lake Minnesota, call if you would like us to come to your home and see what our guys find. Need someone to come out to your home and check for moisture intrusion with infrared tools? Sunset Construction Group can help you. If damage occurs to your home in Long Lake MN, water, moisture or other damage call Sunset CG for a local contractor. If you have a stucco maintenance project at your house or building in Long Lake MN call for a quote. All stucco repairs around replacement windows should be done by a stucco expert like Sunset Construction Group. The use of EIFs joint sealant is very important as the joints need to be sealed correctly. It is needed to still caulk the areas to protect the synthetic stucco from water damage. Some companies use moisture intrusion form to put a band aid on the problem, Sunset Construction Group Inc fixes the problem right the first time.

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