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James Hardie homes have lower utility bills and typically have a high resale value vs stucco homes. Sunset Construction is a leading James Hardie installation company in Lakeland Shores, MN. In choosing a wrap for your home think about this the money spent today on James Hardie house wrap will save you thousands on energy bills in the future. When installing James Hardie weatherboard it will reduce the chance of moisture intrusion in you home in Lakeland Shores Minnesota. Local experts to give you a free estimate on James Hardie's hardiflex for your home in Lakeland Shores Minnesota. Sunset CG is an honest, respected contractor in Lakeland Shores Minnesota if you have questions on James Hardie exterior products give us a call. Researching LP Smartside panel reviews on the internet, why not call the guys who install it an ask a person with an unbiased opinion. James Hardie artisan

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