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If the stucco window trim is attracting woodpeckers, moisture and bugs are not far away. We can make sure your synthetic stucco waterproofed if needed in Greenwood MN. If you have hard coat stucco vs synthetic stucco questions give us a call. The builder should have used the proper EIFs anchors o prevent moisture intrusion issues to your home. The stucco trim profiles can help in the design of your home or project. Many homes don't think they have a problem but, once tested we often find moisture in the EIFs insulation. No matter the extent of the stucco water damage repair needed for your home we can handle your project. Our company specializes in black mold remediation for our customers. What is the cost to stucco a wall? It depends on the size of the wall. If you have moisture intrusion that is all the way into the insulation, you will need to have the insulation removed or the mold will form.

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