Farmington MN Moisture Intrusion Company

Who do I call for synthetic stucco replacement for my house in Farmington? Make sure your home in Farmington Minnesota has proper landscaping, grading and gutters to move water away from your home. It is a good idea to make sure you synthetic stucco structure is solid and the installer did it correctly before you buy or sell a house. Sunset Construction Group gives free moisture intrusion quotes to home owners in Farmington. One positive is EIFs r value is high which will help in your utility bills. If there is water behind the EIFs and into the plaster or insulation the problems are much bigger then. The stucco bonding agent has to have a good seal otherwise water issues could happen in the future. Moisture can occur at structural failures and when the home is settling, that is why sometimes it takes years to notice the problems even in Farmington. Sometimes it