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The inspectors will do a complete stucco moisture testing on your home with detailed graphs and pictures. If your stucco mold by doors needs a contractor call Sunset Construction. Is your home showing signs of moisture intrusion and moisture related damage? Sunset CG is the leading stucco remediation and moisture intrusion experts in the Falcon Heights Minnesota area. Our company specializes in black mold remediation for our customers. We have the ability to test for mold remediation issues for moisture requirements. If you have cracked stucco the mold growth will result in loss of structural stability of your home. Do you need stucco mold testing done on your home in Falcon Heights. We have seen over the past few years more and more improper or no roof to wall termination flashing systems installed on homes in Falcon Heights. When you are faced with stucco mold problems in Falcon Heights, we recommend calling (763) 546-1100.

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