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The synthetic stucco frame is places over foam vs a wire mesh. If moisture is an issue in your house in Elko we can help, we are not lawyers for EIFs litigation cases Sunset CG is a contractor helping customers fix the water problems. Many contractors are using synthetic stucco cement boards vs foam in installing EIFs for customers. What is the typical mold remediation pricing? That is a very difficult question to answer, as there are many variables to consider. All EIFs claims you make should have legal representation as otherwise they might not take you seriously. Who do you call for moisture intrusion testing in Elko? We have all of the contacts for whatever your project is for your house. Your new stucco leaking in Elko? It should not unless it was properly installed with drainage. For all the stucco cracks around your house in Elko we can repair them for you. We can help solve your stucco wall repair issues, all you have to do is call. With stucco problems will insurance cover it? It depends on the policy and the damage call for a consultation today.

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