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The synthetic stucco back needs to bond to make the water intrusion a thing of the past. Do you have new stucco that needs repair? You should not have issues with new stucco but, we can help. What is a EIFs backstop? Backstop polymer that is sprayable that provides a water resistive membrane and air barrier. For the best moisture intrusion construction company call Sunset Construction Group our service area includes Eden Prairie MN. Sunset Construction Group can solve your moisture intrusion problems at your house in Eden Prairie. It is nice to receive a stucco inspection checklist with all of the points of moisture issues for your home. During our consultation on moisture intrusion we will point out where it most likely occurs for your home. EIFs association is a resource for homeowners and builders to answer questions on Stucco. If you are looking for superior stucco accessories we can help. One call to Sunset Construction Group will get you in contract with a quality moisture inspection in Eden Prairie.

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