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There are products that are EIFs panels that look like masonry, we can get you more details if you like. EIFs facade is a foam panel in which the synthetic stucco is attached to the wall. At HomeStuccoRepair.com we make sure the stucco flashing attached correctly. Sunset Construction Group Inc focuses on moisture intrusion construction retrofit, tear off and repairs for homeowners in Delano MN. HomeStuccoRepair.com can fix water intrusion issues at your home in Delano, MN we also can get you a home inspection as well. Anywhere there is a cut in the envelope of your building including the synthetic stucco windows there is a possibility for water damage. If water or moisture does get behind the synthetic stucco your insulation might be compromised. Out team is ready to answer your questions on stucco homes pros and cons. Need someone to come out to your home and check for moisture intrusion with infrared tools? Sunset Construction Group can help you. For a local company that is very experienced in moisture intrusion for customers in Delano MN Sunset Construction Group Inc can help you with your issues.

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