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If you have stucco falling off house near the grade did you build flower gardens up touching the walls? If so that moisture will penetrate into your stucco and walls in Columbus. Why not call us we are one of the best stucco contractors that service customers in Columbus MN. If your home have been improperly graded, the likelihood of water damage increase significantly. Our teams have the right stucco removal tools for all types of water damage projects. Call our staff, they are trained on all types of water damage on stucco. We have the experience and teams in place to handle your moisture intrusion EIFs problems in Columbus Minnesota. Not all stucco inspection companies are the same, we know the ones that go the extra mile call on who to call. One thing is to follow the directions and the designers EIFs specification to make sure the proper flashing and protection is done to prevent water damage. When the inspector reviews your home he will see if the stucco flashing ledger is in place. For a quote on moisture intrusion remediation in Columbus send us an email.

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