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For stucco exterior maintenance like cracks and other small fixes we can help homeowners that live in Cologne Minnesota. A little bit of stucco house maintenance will protect your home from moisture issues tomorrow. The new synthetic stucco systems are much better than the ones ten years ago for residential or commercial buildings. No stucco construction is not going away but, over the past several years the products are better and the installers are making less mistakes. We follow the proper flashing techniques for installing EIFs trim details to your home in Cologne. In Cologne MN do you have an EIFs exterior wall that need work done on it? Cracked or mold call for a quote. Sunset Construction Group can help with remodeling, stucco Remediation, water damage for all your needs make one call. Do you need a estimate for a stucco job in Cologne MN? My stucco is cracking what should I do? Call a contractor to see if the cracks are cosmetic or problems. If your home have been improperly graded, the likelihood of water damage increase significantly.

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