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If your seeing increased signs of synthetic stucco cracks on your home have a trained expert look at it for you. Sunset Construction Group Inc has the right teams and tools to help with your stucco crack repair in Burns, MN. Contractors must follow the EIFs assembly guidelines on the climate and procedures for installation. We will inspect and make sure our work on any synthetic stucco interior walls is done properly minimizing the possibility of water damage. Our team knows how to install and use the correct synthetic stucco application techniques to protect your home. Need a company that does EIFs repair in Burns? Sunset CG is the best choice. We do give a mold remediation warranty on all of the projects we complete. When installing stucco expansion joints spacing is very important and should follow the designs and the manufacturer guidelines. If you need a quote for stucco on your home, we give free estimates. Make sure your home in Burns has proper landscaping, grading and gutters to move water away from your home.

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