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why does new stucco crack? Sometimes it is because the mix was too dry on the install. Call the stucco guys at Sunset Construction Group Inc for your stucco siding repair project in Blaine. We know the pros and cons of synthetic stucco, if you have questions call us. We can help moisture intrusion remediation experts to setup a plan to repair your home. The flashing including the stucco drip edge is something not to overlook to prevent future water damage. After a few years you might notice synthetic stucco problems if you are seeing cracks or water spots on your stucco. I need advice on water damage and dealing with EIFs homeowners insurance claim in Blaine, MN, who do I call? Simple 763 546-1100. We don't do EIFs inspections, we are the local contractor for water damage in Blaine Minnesota. We can get you in contact with an expert for a stucco asbestos test if needed. Need a water intrusion test done for your home in Blaine MN? Why, are there signs of damage? Call the Blaine MN experts at (763) 546 1100.

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