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Problems with your stucco EIFs near your windows? Cracks or mold issues we can help you fix your issues in Blaine, MN. Looking for a great contractor to install new stucco EIFs Not all moisture intrusion experts have the experience and knowledge as Sunset Construction Group. The use of a stucco bonder is to attach the stucco to a base material. Looking for a Blaine Minnesota moisture intrusion expert? Send us an email or call for an appointment. Sunset CG is the leading company in Blaine, MN for stucco water damage call us for a free moisture intrusion quote for your home. HomeStuccoRepair.com focuses on moisture intrusion construction retrofit, tear off and repairs for homeowners in Blaine Minnesota. The stucco hardcoat is installed over wood strips, known as lath, or over metal lath and does not use the foam underlayment. All it takes is poor installation and your synthetic stucco will eventually have water damage. Need a Blaine MN stucco inspection? We can get you in contact with the best one in Blaine.

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