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Improper EIFs application by shortcuts like lack of proper caulking, flashing will eventually cause failure of the EIFs. For quality exterior stucco repair in Becker MN there is only one company to call. The water intrusion pressure over time builds and creates more and more damage to your home. The synthetic stucco frame is places over foam vs a wire mesh. Sometimes a stucco bonding additive is added to the mix to give is a stronger hold depending on the project. I know that mold remediation cost can be high but, the alternative is living in a home that is full of mold. We have a team of EIFs experts at Sunset Construction. Often we see damage to the stucco underlayment below the grade on the property, if you don't have gutters and proper drainage it could become a large problem. If you have Becker stucco issues call the contractor that focuses on stucco repairs. Do you have water damage to your synthetic stucco interior wall? We can come check it out for you.

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