Baytown MN Stucco & Siding Contractor

James Hardie exterior products have a wide variety of colors and types to make your home look great. There are things you need to know about installing EIFs on concrete block, please call and we can discuss. If you have stucco issues on your home don't take a video, call in an expert. Looking for information on moisture intrusion testing in Baytown Minnesota? Give us a ring at 763 546 1100. Is EIFs a problems getting worse in Baytown? Yes, water intrusion and mold issues are becoming a large problem. By having a thorough inspection of your home in Baytown, MN will show you exactly where water enters your home and give you tips on how to stop it before more structural damage occurs. Sunset Construction Group is the company to call for moisture intrusion mold problems in Baytown Minnesota. When installing James Hardie to your home one important thing is to use the correct fasteners. In installing LP Smartside it is very important to follow the application instructions. If your stucco wall leaks water unless it