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My stucco is cracking what should I do? Call a contractor to see if the cracks are cosmetic or problems. Not all synthetic stucco repairs are easy ones if the water has penetrated the house envelope larger problems need to be addressed. The best way to avoid moisture intrusion is prevention by caulking, proper flashing and drainage. If you are having issues like water intrusion in your basement in Albertville, the staff at Sunset CG can get you a solution. Do you need a contractor to inspect your stucco details at windows? Are they soft to the touch, rotten or attracting mold? We will get you the best solution. Don't wait if you have moisture intrusion in Albertville, call the company that specializes in water damage contracting. Did you know that moisture intrusion would most likely occur any cut-outs, roof lines and windows of your Albertville, MN home. Do you need a moisture intrusion testing done on your house call for an appointment. Having a stucco inspection done for your home in Albertville will give you the piece of mind on the exposure of damage that has occurred to your home. Who do I call in Albertville for stucco EIFs siding repairs? Sunset Construction Group is ready for your call.

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