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Read our testimonials our Woodbury MN stucco reviews are some of the best. HomeStuccoRepair.com is a company you can count on for synthetic stucco repair in Woodbury MN. If the moisture intrusion analysis comes back with elevated levels of moisture, we can propose a solution to your water problems. Skipping the basics in stucco flashing details will cause huge problems in the future. Many companies have stucco repair techniques just ask their customers if they work or not, you will get the real story. Are their mold remediation guidelines? Well our goal is to get the job done right the first time. To ensure proper installation the contractor need to do the little things right like EIFs flashing and caulking. Are there better EIFs cleaners than others, in most cases no but make sure to rinse well with a pressure washer. We have many before and after stucco damage pictures our website at homestuccorepair.com. Now we have many stucco types to choose from, synthetic (EIFs) or traditional to panels.

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