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Who do I call if moisture intrusion damage occurs to our house in White Bear? Sunset Construction Group is a company that focuses on stucco retrofit, tear offs and repairs from moisture or mold remediation. There EIFs quality has become much better in the past five years. why does new stucco crack? Sometimes it is because the mix was too dry on the install. For any questions in White Bear on your stucco wall details of cracks or other issues call to schedule a visit to your home. If the moisture intrusion analysis comes back with elevated levels of moisture, we can propose a solution to your water problems. We are seeing more and more moisture intrusion in and near windows in White Bear, if you have wood rot or moisture call for a free consultation. Do you need help with a White Bear stucco insurance claim for moisture intrusion, we have helped many homeowners in the area. Many homes don't think they have a problem but, once tested we often find moisture in the EIFs insulation. The best way to avoid moisture intrusion is prevention by caulking, proper flashing and drainage. Proper stucco care is wash, maintain and repair when needed.

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