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Do you need a local contractor to check out a stucco building you are thinking about purchasing in White Bear Lake? Call Sunset Construction Group Inc. Defectively designed or constructed footings and foundations If you maintain your stucco crack repairs the costs will be controllable. Did your home in White Bear Lake have moisture intrusion damage? Who do you call for help? (763) 546 1100 has been working with water damage for years give them a call. The hard coat stucco construction has had a difficult time in the news but, if installed correctly and maintained you have nothing to be concerned about. The use of sophisticated moisture intrusion infrared cameras can be used to see the levels of water damage to your home in White Bear Lake MN. We have the proper knowledge and training at HomeStuccoRepair.com which includes EIFs certification. Is your new stucco cracking in White Bear Lake? Call for the stucco experts to check it our for you. We have seen over the past few years more and more improper or no roof to wall termination flashing systems installed on homes in White Bear Lake. Making sure that the EIFs drip edge is correct will save you money in the long term.

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