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All of our installers make sure the proper stucco flashing is installed on all of the repairs we complete. Proper installation of new stucco is just as important as waterproofing it. If you are looking for different stucco trims Sunset CG can get you all different types. Sunset Construction Group Inc can fix water intrusion issues at your home in St Michael MN we also can get you a home inspection as well. We can help moisture intrusion remediation experts to setup a plan to repair your home. Mold or EIFs moisture problems in your home? Call 763 546 1100. Many builders are now installing a synthetic stucco drainage system to avoid water damage and moisture issues. Not all stucco water damage is the same, if you catch it early the process is much easier than untreated water damage. Moisture issues? Do you need EIFs stucco repair St Michael, MN? We can help with repairs, tear offs and full replacements solutions. Making sure that the stucco siding costs stay low is a goal for Sunset Construction Group.

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