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EIFs expansion joints are also points of water damage failure. All EIFs paint is not that same before you start with a project call us for a consultation as we are the local stucco experts in St Anthony. The stucco installation process is easy, don't skip steps or cut corners and properly follow the installation guidelines. Looking for a St Anthony moisture intrusion expert? Send us an email or call for an appointment. With the large amount of stucco problems we have even found defectively designed or constructed footings and foundations in homes we have repaired. In putting in new vinyl windows make sure the stucco flange is correct. Sunset Construction Group focuses on moisture intrusion construction retrofit, tear off and repairs for homeowners in St Anthony MN. If you are home has stucco water damage near the window frame contact the our team at Sunset CG. If your builder did not install your flashing properly or you have defective or leaky windows and doors call us a local contractor in St Anthony Minnesota. For all of your St Anthony stucco repair needs contact HomeStuccoRepair.com.

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