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If synthetic stucco products are what you would like our team can get you prices and information on the different choices. Are there better EIFs cleaners than others, in most cases no but make sure to rinse well with a pressure washer. Not all mold remediation companies have experience and knowledge ask for references. Do you see mold growing on a synthetic stucco wall under your deck? Call for an appointment for a consultation today. HomeStuccoRepair.com will set up a game plan on moisture intrusion prevention for your home in Spring Park MN. What causes stucco moisture problems? Well often it is poor installation of stucco. We know that synthetic stucco issues are not on top of the list vs. vacations but, letting the problem go will make it cost more in the future. HomeStuccoRepair.com is the moisture intrusion stucco contractor you need to call in Spring Park. When you apply EIFs waterproofing make sure the existing wall is moisture free and the windows and doors are installed correctly. A synthetic stucco scratch coat is applied before the finish coat is applied.

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