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Some of the stucco siding advantages include durability and r-value. For one of the best stucco repair companies around call for a quote. Sometimes a stucco bonding additive is added to the mix to give is a stronger hold depending on the project. The water intrusion pressure over time builds and creates more and more damage to your home. Sunset Construction can help with EIFs finishing if that is what you are looking for your home. Our company is ready for your mold remediation project in Shoreview, MN. Why is my new stucco cracking in Shoreview some cracking is normal, other is installation issues call for a independent evaluation. Can you apply new stucco over old stucco? Yes, depending on the home and if there is existing damage. Making sure that you follow the installation EIFs stucco details and not cut corners will often prevent water damage to your home. If you have water damage near stucco window trim most often the window was not flashed correctly.

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