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Sunset Construction Group Inc focuses on moisture intrusion homes repair in Roseville. We only use the best stucco building products on the market. It is smart to have drainage EIFs to prevent water damage to your property. We are a company that is focused on stucco and EIFs repairs in MN. There are all types of different vinyl stucco accessories that can be used to protect the house envelope. The stucco hand tools are different for EIFs vs traditional stucco, we can fix or repair either. Why not call Sunset Construction Group for a moisture intrusion inspection of your stucco or EIFs. If the moisture testing is found to be at elevated levels for your home we can help with a game plan to solve your issues. Do you own a stucco fronted property in Roseville MN? Does it need repair or replacement? Our company specializes in that type of repairs. During our consultation on moisture intrusion we will point out where it most likely occurs for your home.

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