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Sunset Construction Group can help you solve your stucco problems in New Germany. Why do EIFs repair cost so much? It all depends on the damage behind the walls. What are stucco efflorescence problems? Efflorescence is when water dissolves salts in the stucco, then the salt solution migrates outside surface, and a salt parts remains after the water evaporates. Sunset Construction installs and repairs EIFs doing it right the first time. Sunset Construction Group Inc is a stucco company sets the goal of customer service at a very high level. When installing stucco expansion joints spacing is very important and should follow the designs and the manufacturer guidelines. Brick, stone and siding failures are also happening in homes in New Germany, MN, call if you would like us to come to your home and see what our guys find. If you are looking for a quotes from a moisture intrusion experts contact Sunset Construction Group. Concerned about your home in New Germany? Need a thorough moisture intrusion testing company in New Germany? Call us today. Don't wait if you have New Germany moisture intrusion problems call us for a free quote.

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