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Did you know that stucco insurance claims are on the rise? That is why many insurance companies are concerned. If you have insurance and it is a builder or product defect we can help. Points of failure for your EIFs exterior insulation finishing system? Is anywhere water can penetrate. All of our customers will get a list of do and do not stucco care tips for their home. Understand the stucco walls details on types, draining, installation and other things is what we do best at Sunset Construction. Always ask your contractor on what is the EIFs water management game plan with your stucco project. If you install stucco trim foam make sure the flashing and backing is properly installed. The water intrusion pressure over time builds and creates more and more damage to your home. What is the cost of synthetic stucco to replace? It depends on the type of new siding and if there is damage to your home. Yes there are more and more synthetic stucco lawsuits as product defects and installation is most common. What is the typical mold remediation pricing? That is a very difficult question to answer, as there are many variables to consider.

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