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Often we see damage to the stucco underlayment below the grade on the property, if you don't have gutters and proper drainage it could become a large problem. If you are perusing an EIFs claims against your insurance company or builder we can get you in contact with a lawyer that specializes in these types of cases. Don't delay your synthetic stucco EIFs repairs it time will only make it more of a problem. Problems with your synthetic stucco boards on your home in Minneapolis MN? We are ready to help. We consider our team to be moisture intrusion experts and we service the Minneapolis area. What is the stucco installation cost in Minneapolis, MN? Call for a quote as there are too many factors to give a blanket price. How much does a stucco inspection cost? It depends on the extent of damage but, usually is a few hundred to several hundred dollars. If you are having issues with your stucco board in Minneapolis, MN and need repair we are ready for your project. We have the ability to test for mold remediation issues for moisture requirements. Some homes we have worked on have both stucco and brick damage, if the builder did not install it correctly the possibility of moisture increases over time.

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