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The moisture intrusion would most likely occur around the doors and windows of your home. The water intrusion pressure over time builds and creates more and more damage to your home. Follow the stucco installation details and the likelihood of water damage decreases significantly. Do your window stucco cross section have moisture and mold? Need mold remediation services in Medicine Lake, MN? Give our team a call. Not only stucco has water issues so does Brick, stone and other siding have failures also, if you have a odd smell or signs of water or mold call Sunset Construction Group Inc today. If the moisture intrusion analysis comes back with elevated levels of moisture, we can propose a solution to your water problems. We are qualified EIFs contractors that service the Medicine Lake Minnesota area at Sunset Construction Group. Improper EIFs application by shortcuts like lack of proper caulking, flashing will eventually cause failure of the EIFs. Sunset Construction only uses new stucco products when repairing and fixing small stucco projects. If you have Medicine Lake Minnesota stucco issues call the contractor that focuses on stucco repairs.

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