Mold Remediation Company for Homeowners in Maple Lake MN

You can just go down to the rental center for mold inspection equipment, call the company that focuses on mold remediation. If you need mold removal in your basement we have the experience and tools for the job. For all of your moisture intrusion damage need in Maple Lake MN we are the leading company to call. Sometimes our mold remediation techniques is a tear off and replace with James Hardie. Mold Inspection and Testing is the first step in seeing what damage has occurred to your home. Having mold under stucco is becoming more and more common in Maple Lake, if you would like us to check out your home call 763 546-1100. Why is mold removal expensive? If you do it right the repairs might be significant. If you have stucco falling off house near the grade did you build flower gardens up touching the walls? If so that moisture will penetrate into your stucco and walls in Maple Lake. Do you have structural moisture issues on your home in Maple Lake MN? Sunset CG can fix it for you.

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