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Sunset CG is a local contractor for customers in Mahtomedi MN if you are going through an EIFs litigation we can help with the rebuilding of your home. Do you need a contractor to inspect your stucco details at windows? Are they soft to the touch, rotten or attracting mold? We will get you the best solution. If you are having issues with your stucco board in Mahtomedi Minnesota and need repair we are ready for your project. With stucco insurance costs going higher, the insurance companies are pressuring the homeowner for the simple fix that often leaves the root of the problem untreated. Sunset Construction Group our contacts and experience with mold remediation we have experienced inspectors that will provide an exact explanation of any damage found to your home in Mahtomedi.. Need someone to come out to your home and check for moisture intrusion with infrared tools? Sunset Construction Group can help you. We do thorough work we make sure that if you have moisture intrusion in the insulation it is taken care of properly. What are the steps for proper care of stucco home? Wash it, make sure the grade is below the stucco, maintain any cracks or defects and if you have water damage address it quickly. Make sure your home in Mahtomedi has proper landscaping, grading and gutters to move water away from your home. Sunset CG is focused on EIFs stucco removal for customers, we have been providing this service for years.

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