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Looking at your house do you have mold on the stucco exterior? You should get is inspected. Improper stucco flashing will cause issues in the future of your stucco siding. We are one of the best mold remediation companies in MN. There are several mold removal companies in Livonia but, call Sunset Construction Group Inc we have the experience and the teams ready for your project. Our mold remediation experts have the answers to your questions. Sunset Construction Group has the mold remediation equipment for both large and small projects. If your stucco has issues and the molding is showing water damage call for an inspection in Livonia MN. Call HomeStuccoRepair.com our mold removal experts know mold remediation and repair. By having a thorough inspection of your home in Livonia Minnesota will show you exactly where water enters your home and give you tips on how to stop it before more structural damage occurs.

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