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For a local company that is very experienced in moisture intrusion for customers in Lino Lakes Sunset Construction Group can help you with your issues. It is a very good idea to know if the contractor is using the right materials such as a new stucco primer. If you start to see mineral deposits outside stucco, the salts are coming to the surface and with evaporation the deposits will appear on the stucco. Using a power washer is the best tools to use for synthetic stucco cleaning. The stucco EIFs is often installed on a foam insulated board. In putting in new vinyl windows make sure the stucco flange is correct. You need to make sure that the contractor are properly installing the EIFs expansion joint to prevent future water damage. Don't trust the mold remediation methods you read on the internet call the local experts. Should I install stucco or vinyl siding? Stucco will last longer and hold up better with the winters in MN. Placing a new stucco sealer on the stucco is a must for all stucco jobs.

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